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Finding good quality tools at an affordable price can be difficult for homeowners, DIYers, and even contractors. You want the best out there but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your tools.

Thankfully ProQualityTools has got your back. We’re a large-scale international used tool exporting company.

Auger – Compactors – Concrete Working Tools – Demolition Tools – Drain Cleaners and Pumps – Floor Cleaning Equipment – Floor Refinishers – Generators – Evaporative Cooling Fan – Pressure Washers – Dehumidifiers – Tile Saws – Painting Tools and more.

Occasionally, our containers will be too full and we must take a few tools out.

Whenever these extra tools are available, we sell them at low prices.

If a device you want is unavailable or not listed on our site, request it, and our team will get it for you.

We sell only very high-quality tools, professional hard to find.

75% of them are almost new and still have a protective film, and more are used for a few hours.

The better advantage of buying our tools is you pay half price of the new one.

If you live around Twin Cities, MN, we bring the tool to your place for free; you try it before you buy.

Forget about assembling the tools and how to use them properly or the extra charge lift gate delivery.

You will get a tool ready to use right away.

We export professional-grade tools for:

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