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Pro Quality Tools Drain Camera Electric Eel

Used Drain Camera

eCAM pipeline inspection systems from Electric Eel allow quick inspection and location of various pipeline problems.

Reduce the cost by knowing exactly where the problem is before digging.

eCAM systems take the guesswork out of jobs.

eCAM systems are compact, easy to use, and made from the same high-quality, durable components you have come to know and expect from Electric Eel.

eCAM systems have various uses, such as in-line inspection of sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, service laterals, chimneys, HVAC ducts, and much more.

A built-in sonde transmitter gives you the added advantage of locating broken pipes, leaking joints, and a variety of pipeline blockages.




Overall Depth (in.)30.0Overall Height (in.)340.0
Overall Width (in.)17.0Dry Weight (lbs.)67
Minimum Drain Size (in.)3.0Camera Diameter (in.)1.43

The photo is for reference purposes only. Actual tool condition/color/style may vary.

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